Status: Completed

Table, initially produced in 1984, is a non-dialogue experimental film about five characters sitting at the round dining table in a fancy restaurant. The film focuses on how they interact with each other without dialogue, but with body language and eye contact.

Matthew S. Moore

Director of Photography
Kiyo Sato

Sound Designer
Olivia Luffman

Andrew Ragan

Project Manager
Jessica Sanders

Master Stylist
Micah R. Sylvester

Melvin Patterson
Susan E. Smith
Matthew S. Moore
Peter Cook
Jerald J. Creer

Friends of Redbird Pictures

Mark Moore | Marc Roer

(Friends who donated $500 or more.)

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TABLE is an experimental film that focuses on modern-day society that has seen significant changes in diverse cultures, attitudes, norms, and relationships. Initially produced in 1984, this new take on the story contains no dialogue. Instead, the actors communicate solely through facial expression, eye gaze, body language and movement. The tension, desire, conflict, and competition found among the five characters seated around a table in an upscale restaurant will delight filmgoers, who will be captivated by trying to interpret what exactly is taking place.


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