Table, initially produced in 1984, is a non-dialogue experimental film about five characters sitting at the round dining table in a fancy restaurant. The film focuses on how they interact with each other without dialogue, but with body language and eye contact. Other work

The Magic of Deaf Theatre

This documentary film focuses on how Deaf Theatre has been produced, what the process has looked like, and how it has contributed to the arts. A controversial topic within the Deaf community concerning two presentation styles often labeled as Deaf Theatre and Sign Language Theatre will also be explored. Other work


50s mustache murderer Wayne enters the convenience store. He shouts for the clerk several times, but hears no reply. Then he sees the clerk. As he grabs and yells at him, he realizes the clerk is Deaf after seeing his gesture. He is transitioned to a difference dimension where he meets his Deaf daughter. Other […]

Vincennes University– ASL & Deaf Studies

Vincennes University’s ASL & Deaf Studies program in Indianapolis contracted with us to produce three promotional videos. We covered pre-production, production, and post-production for this project as an introduction of this program to the world by sharing the classroom interactions, events, and beautiful campus. Other work

Witty Little Girl

We co-produced a mini-series “Witty Little Girl” with Sorenson Communications, LLC to celebrate Black Deaf Month History. We edited and color-graded a total of two episodes. Other work

Youth Leadership Camp Alumni Foundation

We’ve produced a documentary video on the YLCAF’s reunion celebrating the YLC’s 50th anniversary in Pennsylvania. 52 YLC alumni were interviewed for this video. We also produced promotional videos for each of them. Other work

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